Lead project “Leibniz-E-Center Bioactives”

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Coming soon: PodCast “Wirsktoffradio”

Dr. Bernd Rupp and Dr. med. André Lampe will launch a PodCast “Wirkstoffradio”, dedicated to the topic of drug discovery. Various interviews with scientists from the Leibniz Association for Bioactive Compunds and Biotechnology will be available to offer an introduction to drug discovery from basic research to pharmaceutical application.

There are stories on definitions from the drug discovery and 20-minute productions to very well-known drugs planned, for example, “What exactly is paracetamol?”

The “Wirsktoffradio” offers the opportunity to present member institutes of the Research Alliance their concrete research topics and to bring them closer to an interested public. Furthermore, such a PodCast offers the opportunity to promote the research-related events and prizes, and to communicate the contents via another channel.

Stay tuned – further information will follow soon!

Funded “Seed Money” projects

LRA WB is supporting institutional cooperation between two or more Alliance members and granting “Seed Money” funding. Applicants are eligible to submit new proposals twice per year.


  • B. Westermann, IPB Halle /F. Kloß, HKI Jena
    Verbesserte Fungizidwirkstoffe durch Modifizierung natürlich‐vorkommender Fettsäuren aus Pilzen
  • M. Dippe, IPB Halle / J. Thiele, IPF Dresden
    Maßgeschneiderte Adapterpeptide für die Enzym-Immobilisierung
  • P. Rizzo, IPK Gatersleben / K. Franke, IPB Halle
    Genotyping studies associated with bioactive compounds biosynthesis in Hypericum species


  • B. Hube, HKI, Jena / T. Gutsmann, FZ-Borstel, Borstel
    Die Wirkungsweise des Pilztoxins Candidalysin auf Bakterien
  • P. Stallforth, HKI, Jena / M. Weissenborn, IPB, Halle
    Survival of the deadliest (SOFD)
  • J. Thiele, IPF, Dresden / M. Weissenborn, IPB, Halle
    Abiological catalysis by heme-carrying DNAzymes in DNA-polymer microgels (polyDNAcat)
  • E. Freier, ISAS, Dortmund / M. Weissenborn, IPB, Halle
    Multiplexing GC-MS analysis for a generic high throughput enzyme screen (MULTI-GC)
  • G. Kaluđerović, IPB, Halle / J. Hengstler, IfADo, Dortmund
    Fluorescence nanoparticles as drug carriers for natural product emodin


  • B. Michels, LIN, Magdeburg / L. Wessjohann, IPB, Halle
    Cognitive enhancement by natural compounds
  • G. Kaluđerović, IPB, Halle / E. Freier, ISAS, Dortmund
    Traceable nanomaterials for drug delivery
  • A. Hamann, S. Frischbutter, DRFZ, Berlin / A. Brakhage, HKI, Jena / L. Wessjohann, IPB, Halle
    Implementation of comprehensive screenings for novel immunomodulators within libraries of natural compounds