NEWSTICKER – Ethnopharmacology

Fideloside, a Novel Bioactive 8-C-glycosyl 2,3-Dihydroflavonol:

original publication:Antonio Francioso, Katrin Franke, Claudio Villani, Luciana Mosca, Maria D’Erme, Stefan Frischbutter, Wolfgang Brandt, Angel Sanchez-Lamar & Ludger Wessjohann. Insights into the Phytochemistry of the Cuban Endemic Medicinal Plant Phyllanthus orbicularis: Fideloside, a Novel Bioactive 8-C-glycosyl 2,3-Dihydroflavonol. Molecules 24, 2019

NEWSTICKER – Bioactive compounds

Synthetic Tubulysin derivative, Tubugi-1, against invasive melanoma cells: The cell death triangle:

original publication: DIJANA DRAČA, SANJA MIJATOVIĆ, TAMARA KRAJNOVIĆ, GORAN N. KALUĐEROVIĆ, LUDGER A. WESSJOHANN & DANIJELA MAKSIMOVIĆ-IVANIĆ. Synthetic Tubulysin derivative, Tubugi-1, against invasive melanoma cells: The cell death triangle. Anticancer Research, 2019

NEWSTICKER – Neuroactive compunds

Memory enhancement by ferulic acid ester across species:

original publication: Birgit Michels, Hanna Zwaka, Ruth Bartels, Oleh Lushchak, Katrin Franke, Thomas Endres, Markus Fendt, Inseon Song, May Bakr, Tuvshinjargal Budragchaa, Bernhard Westermann, Dushyant Mishra, Claire Eschbach, Stefanie Schreyer, Annika Lingnau, Caroline Vahl, Marike Hilker, Randolf Menzel, Thilo Kähne, Volkmar Leßmann, Alexander Dityatev, Ludger Wessjohann, Bertram Gerber. (2018) Memory enhancement by ferulic acid ester across species. Science Advances DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aat6994


The Leibniz Research Alliance calls for proposals for funding of short term scientific projects between two or more institutes of the alliance. The maximum budget pro project is in this call € 10.000 €.


Please use the attached template for the proposal (not longer than 1 pages). All information and the template for download is available here: Seed-Money_Vorlage-Antrag_Template-Proposal.

The elected committee will decide about funding and you will be informed thereafter.

Congratulations to the new seed money project teams!

Fall 2019:

  • Behrens Leibniz-LSB@TUM Freising / N. Arnold IPB Halle: Isolation&functional screening of metabloites from mushrooms, a neglected source of organisms synthesizing strongly bitter tasting compunds
  • Q. Besford, J. Schubert IPF Dresden / Z. Orinska, P. Hagemann FZB Borstel: Galactosylated glycogen-coated gold nanorods for photothermal eradication of prostate cancer cells
  • Valiante HKI Jena / J. Cui INM Saarbrücken: Thermo-responsive magnetic nanoparticle biocatalysts for mediating multi-enzymatic reactions

Congratulations to the new seed money project teams!

Spring 2019:

  • M. Dippe, IPB Halle / J. Thiele, IPF Dresden
    Trägergebundene Biokatalyse an magnetischen Oberflächen
  • Dr. Hajo Kries, HKI – Dr. Erik Freier, ISAS
    Enzyme evolution by catalysis enhanced diffusion (EVO-DIFF)
  • Dr. Elodie Mohr, DRFZ – Dr. Jens Peter von Kries, FMP
    Compound screening to target CXCR3+ plasma cells in autoimmunity and multiple myeloma



Fabian Mauz will support Bioactives Cloud-Team

Mr. Fabian Mauz has joined the IPB beginning of June 2019. He studied economic informatics at the Martin Luther University in Halle with specialisation in mathematical optimisation and statistics. He has 10 years of work experience as a software developer with JAVA and MATLAB (Price [it],Halle). Email:

The Bioactives Cloud Newsletter: Newsletter Leibniz-Cloud


To honor the important field of new biotechnological processes, the Alliance will award the Prize “Leibniz Biotechnology Process 2019”.

As in the case of the prize “Leibniz Drug of the Year”, the research results submitted should not be older than 5 years and can be performed either by one scientist individually or a team of up to 5 persons, who were working at a Leibniz Institute at the time the research was done. Both self applications and suggestions of potential candidates are possible. Please submit a one-page rationale (Arial 11 pt) in English along with a pdf-document of the respective achievement (patent, publication, etc.). All applicants agree to a publication of their names, photographs and application information. The laureate(s) provide(s) information (e.g. pictures, graphics, text material, etc.) and grants copyright free of charge to the Leibniz Association and the Research Alliance for promotion purposes. The prize winner(s) will receive a medal, a certificate and 2.000 Euro prize money. The laureate(s) will be invited to the next alliance‘s conference “Wirkstofftageto present their work.

Please send your applications per Email to: