Leibniz Bioactives Cloud

The funding proposal for the research states: “Among the members of the alliance, each institute has resources on particular parts of the infrastructure required along the path from compound source to application, e.g. assaying a library of compounds to find those that are active, in silico pipelines to preselect promising structures or large databases of structures and their properties. However, currently there is no platform to facilitate the compound-driven interaction of the network partners and improve both e-Research and classic lab-driven research from chemistry to biology and medicine. The goal of the ‘Leibniz-E-Center Bioactives’ is the development of a distributed research infrastructure that connects and integrates the expertise of Leibniz institutes …” The Leibniz Bioactives Cloud project team now attempts to realize this vision. This page provides access to presentations, progress reports, manuals, and other artifacts which have been created during the development process. Please understand that access to some of these resources is restricted.

Some more presentations (partly obsolete)