Leibniz Bioactives Cloud

Access to scientific information and advanced data analysis capabilities are essential ingredients to scientific excellence. Over the years, the open access movement as well as the GoFAIR initiative went through a sweeping development. However, despite this trend there is a need for scientific collaboration without involvement of the general public. This is especially true in industrial cooperations and for early stages of research, such as grant applications. In these cases, access to exclusive resources means competitive advantage.
The Leibniz Bioactives Cloud Project created a software solution to share this competitive advantage among cooperating groups from different institutions. Our solution – the Cloud Resource & Information Management System (CRIMSy) – provides a decentralized approach for the management, exchange and analysis of scientific data. Core features of CRIMSy include:

  • decentralized storage of documents and full text search capability with a global relevance metric
  • management of materials (i.e. the concepts of compounds, biological sequences, organisms, tissues, etc.), items (i.e. physical samples of material stored in containers) and experiments
  • capability to search globally for sub-structures or sequence similarity
  • the ability to create (local) links among different entities
  • fine-grained access control for its resources

Our goal is to provide the community with a platform for compound driven interaction among networking partners. We take great care to develop a user friendly, secure and resource efficient solution. This page provides access to presentations, progress reports and manuals, which have been created during the development process.

CRIMSy is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 granting e.g. the right to use and modify the software free of charge. The installation page however, is restricted to members of the Leibniz Research Network “Bioactive Compounds”, who plan to set up an instance in their institution. Please inquire for access credentials.


Dr. Frank Broda [fbroda (at) ipb-halle.de / +49-345-5582-1361]
Fabian Mauz [fmauz (at) ipb-halle.de / +49-345-5582-1364]