Leibniz Bioactives Cloud

Access to scientific information and advanced data analysis capabilities are essential ingredients to scientific excellence. Over the years, the open access movement as well as the GoFAIR initiative went through a sweeping development. However, despite this trend there is a need for scientific collaboration without involvement of the general public. This is especially true in industrial cooperations and for early stages of research, such as grant applications. In these cases, access to exclusive resources means competitive advantage. It is relatively easy to ensure this competitive advantage within a single working group or department. At the same time, it is difficult to keep this advantage in cooperations across different institutions: Existing software solutions often follow a centralized approach, where data is collected at a single site. If centralized deposition conflicts with policy, the alternative is to install one instance per partner. This will quickly turn out to be impractical. Another problem will become apparent for people working in chemistry-related sciences (“bioactive compounds”): Most solutions are unable to handle chemical structures.
The “Leibniz Bioactives Cloud” project provides solutions for the issues described above:

  • decentralized storage and full text search capability with a global relevance metric
  • fine-grained access control for its resources

We are currently working to enable the software to deal with chemical structures. So far, we have published MolPaintJS – a JavaScript editor for molecular structures. Our goal is to provide the community with a platform for compound driven interaction among networking partners. We finally strive to provide a CloudLIMS (LIMS = laboratory information management system) – a system to provide selected partners with selected information. This information may include chemical structures, substance availability or assay outcomes. Finally, the whole system will be complemented by advanced data analysis methods.
This page provides access to presentations, progress reports and manuals, which have been created during the development process. Please understand that access to some of these resources is restricted.


Members of the alliance – scientists as well as system administrators, were invited to join the Leibniz Bioactives Cloud workshop on Jan. 29th, 2020 in Halle. During the workshop, we presented our plans for future development and broadly discussed the requirements of the different stakeholders. The presentation is available for download: PDF. The opening talk was also recorded on video and you are invited to watch it here. Please note: flickering due to misaligned frequencies of the video projector and the camera might render the video unsuitable for suszeptible people! We discovered this only during postprocessing, please accept our appology.


Dr. Frank Broda [fbroda (at) ipb-halle.de / +49-345-5582-1361]
Fabian Mauz [fmauz (at) ipb-halle.de / +49-345-5582-1364]

Some more presentations (partly obsolete)